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Deputy Scott McCarney & Deputy Paul McClung

Sacramento County Police

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Brown,

As you know, we entered the 2004 California Police Olympics-Pacific Grove Motorcycle Competition representing the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department. The event was held on April 2-3, 2004 in Pacific Grove California, and consisted of a riding course, uniform and motorcycle inspection, riding time course and the overall score. The motorcycle course was approximately 600 feet in length and required us to ride around and through two parked cars, and then come to a full stop, then continue through 14 cones, which were set 27 feet apart side by side, another full stop and then continues through a set cone pattern. After completing this, we had to go back through the same course to the end. It was timed and they took the average time of the two runs. This event was looking for speed and precision synchronization.

The inspection consisted of United States Marines inspecting our uniforms and motorcycles. This required them to use q-tips to wipe around our motorcycles. This three-hour event required us to stand at attention. Once the uniform inspection was complete and we completed the motorcycle course we moved to the awards ceremony.

We are grateful to you for providing us with the holsters necessary to compete in this event. With your help, we took a bronze in the uniform inspection, silver in the timed course, a bronze for synchronization and a bronze for overall performance. We could not have done this well without your help and assistance. As a special thank you we place Ted Blocker Holsters Inc. information on our banner, which we placed on the side of our trailer. We cannot thank you and your organization enough for the support and well wishes.

We had fun and both took our families to this event. WE had a group of people and officers from many jurisdictions there to assist us with logistics. We plan to compete again next year and look forward to taking the gold medal.

We are providing you with this photographic and souvenir computer disc as a token of our appreciation. Thank you again for your support.


Deputy Scott McCarney
Deputy Paul McClung

Sacramento County Sheriff's Department Team