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Don & Shelley

Don and Shelley

Don and Shelley are both hunting and shooting sports enthusiasts. Don has had the privilege of attending classes by Massad Ayoob and Clint Smith. Shelley spent a weekend of defensive pistol training at Gunsite Academy. Both are NRA members and have been Single Action Shooting Society members since 1997 shooting under the aliases Coho Kid and Brassy Shell.

Ronald Reagan Ranch

In 1989, when Don was with the George Lawrence Leather Company, they made a beautiful flower-carved Buscadero Holster set as a gift for President Ronald Reagan and presented it to him after he left office.  For several years, the holsters and gun belt were displayed in the guest house on his ranch in a glass case hanging above the fireplace.

reagan ranch

In 1998, Mrs. Reagan decided to sell the ranch including most of the furnishings to the Young America's Foundation.  However, she did choose to keep a few items and one was the Buscadero set.  Marilyn Fisher, ranch curator, contacted Don in 2006 to recreate the missing Buscadero set.

Don and I had the honor of a private tour of the Reagans' beloved Rancho de Cielo, "Ranch in the Sky" in 2008.  We immediately saw why the Presiden and Mrs. Reagan loved the ranch so much.  It is a small, simple home with western furnishings set on a mountain top.  We felt the great presence of a remarkable President and his accomplishments, but we also sensed a down-to-earth guy who loved to ride horses, work on the ranch, drive an old jeep and spend time with his loving wife.

It was truly and experience of a lifetime and we both wanted to share it with our customers.  I hope you enjoy a few of the photos of us at the "Western White House."  If you would like more information about the Reagan Ranch and the Young America's Foundation, please visit their websites at www.reaganranch.org or www.yaf.org.

Shelley's California Big Horn Sheep

Single Action Shooting

Brassy Shell and Coho Kid