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Brenda Ross - Rosse Posse Acres

Why I Wanted a New Holster

brenda ross rosse posse acresIn 2007, I had a bear encounter that made me realize I needed to be better prepared. My brother and I were shaking the brush for the team of hunters we were with. We were in a heavy blow down area with lots of young reprod. We heard a crashing sound from up the hill, and both of us froze. It sounded like a heard of elk breaking. Then we heard a loud crack about half way down the hill.

The next thing I knew a black bear with a white blaze on its chest popped out of the thick stuff about 30 yards ahead of us. I screamed, "Holy heck Rick, it?s a bear." 

It spotted us and started charging toward us. It was coming so fast, that I did not think I was going to get my gun drawn quick enough. My gun was on my belt at my waist. I had to pick up the bottom edge of my jacket to get it out from under the jacket. The bear was coming so fast that I jumped behind a tree to buy myself an extra second of time before she hit me. I pulled my gun and stepped back out from behind the tree and lined my gun up to take a shot. My brother hit it first with a 9mm when it was about 15 yards away. It spun the bear in the other direction. It took about two steps away, turned and started heading back at us. 

rosse posse acres holsterMy brother was shouting, "Where is it?" I yelled back that it was in front of me. As it was turning broad side back towards us, I shot with my 357. I hit it in the pocket. It jumped up in the air, spun and dove down into a thicket.

This encounter left me deeply shaken. I knew I was not going back out in the woods the next year without being better prepared. I wanted a holster that was not in the way of my backpack and heavy gear, but that was quickly accessible and would hold a reloader. When I am out shaking the brush I put on about 40 strenuous miles in 5 days, up and down hills, through thick reprod and over Lincoln log blow down. I needed something that would not get in the way.

My new holster made an incredible difference this last year. I am now very confident that I can have my gun drawn and the trigger pulled in a matter of seconds. I may still be teased that I am "bearanoid". But, with my new holster I am confident the outcome will be much different. I will take home a bear!

Warm Regards,
Brenda Ross
Rosse Posse Acres - Elk Farm