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Bill Bain

Shelley, since I got the Judgment Day rig I have placed in Annual Matches as follows:

bill bain1st place Modern - Fort Miller Shootout
1st place Modern - Richmond roundup
2nd place Modern - Ambush at Durham Ferry
1st place Modern - Funs of the Timberlands
3rd place Modern - John Wayne Shootout
4th place Modern - Cal. State Championships at 5 Dogs Creek

I am just finishing my 2nd year in SASS, the only other shooting I have done
was over 20 years ago when I shot a practice IPSC match, so this is really
the only shooting I have done.

The new rig has really allowed me to improve my times by letting me
concentrate on shooting rather than worrying about equipment issues. Thank
you for your attention to detail and knowing what a SASS shooter needs to
make steady improvement.

Bill Bain