July 17-19 Oregon State SASS Championship- Albany, OR

Posted by Ted Blocker Holsters on 6/1/2015
Oregon State SASS Championship
26th Annual Shoot Out at Saddle Butte
July 17th,18th, and 19th
Near Shedd, Oregon

12 Stages
SASS Members only, 240 Main Match Shooters (no first timers please)

Total Time Match
Side Matches
∑ Warm up Stages
∑ Wild Bunch
∑ Plainsman
∑ Long Range
∑ Cowboy Trap
Friday Potluck (5:30)
Saturday Night Banquet
Saturday and Sunday registered
shooter lunches provided

∑ Round Count: Main Match 120 rifle, 120 pistol, 50+ shotgun
∑ Registration Friday all Day and Saturday before Main Match
∑ Mandatory Shooters Meeting Saturday 7:30am
∑ Saturday Main Match 6 Stages: 8:00am-1:00pm
∑ Sunday Main Match 6 Stages: 8:00am-12:30pm

Madam Roseís Soiled Doves
Menís, Womenís, and Childrenís Costume Contest
Not a shooter and want to dress up? Sign up as a Conventioneer and
get in on the fun.

Single Action Shooting Society Rules apply.
This includes dress code at all times

Please remember this is a dry range, alcohol prohibited.
We reserve the right to refuse any application

Dry Camping is available but limited
please sign up early to reserve your space.
Camping spaces will be assigned

Questions Contact:
Tuffy Tumbleweed (541) 619-7381 [email protected]
Chandelier (541) 231-4687 [email protected]
Whisperiní Wade (541) 410-4801 [email protected]

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