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G1 Concealment Holster

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G1 Concealment Holster
G1 Semi Auto Holster
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Originally designed for the Department of Energy, the G1 holster has a 1.75" tunnel belt loop in a butt-forward position. The trailing edge of the pouch is slotted for the gun belt which pulls the gun butt in tight for concealment and enhanced stability. The pistol's trigger guard is fully enclosed and has a thumb break for maximum security.
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Customer Reviews
Rating An excellent holster
I wanted a thumb break holster to fit a S&W Model 5904 that has a square trigger guard. Ted Blocker was the only manufacturer I could find who said they could provide one. They delivered the holster in good time, the fit and quality are excellent. The tunnel design makes it a little awkward to thread on a belt, but once there it is very comfortable, stays where I position it, yields a very natural draw and reholsters without using both hands. I am very pleased with it.
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Reviewed by:  from Alamosa, CO. - 10/24/2015
Rating NNSA Federal Agent (Ret.)
I'm here to tell you, the G1 holster was designed for DOE and it was to fit the Sig Sauer.45 P220. I wore that holster for so long that I actually wore a couple out. Daily use for over 15 years as well as field training and tactics. If you are looking for a holster that fits, is comfortable and provides just the right amount of security, this is it.
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Reviewed by:  from Amarillo, tx. - 3/25/2018
Rating I am very satisfied with my purchase
I was a federal police officer for 21 years and recently transferred to a full-time firearms instructor in Maryland. I have a concealed carry handgun permit, and commute daily in a “soft” uniform of BDU’s and polo with a law enforcement star. I was looking for an upgrade to the various leather gear I have bought and worn from numerous manufacturers. Google searches brought your company to the forefront, with a home bias of Oregon because I grew up there. I wanted something besides black (I have enough black leather gear to outfit a small third world nation), the dark brown turned out to be a great choice. I have been wearing my purchase almost every day for a few weeks now, and have managed to get some live-fire range time. -The belt: “D” 1.75 in. Fit/finish: The measurement was exactly as ordered the buckle is sturdy, the belt is plenty stout enough to carry a holster, two mags in the pouch and a utility knife without rolling flexing or moving. My first advice to new gun wearers is find a good belt; I will purchase another soon. -The holster: 14 G1 for a Colt gov’t model in .38 super: When I went to the holster for the first time I expected to have to work it in with a lot of force as most new holsters tend to be stiff. Imagine my surprise when it slid easily into place as if it was exactly molded for it; apparently it really is possible. (Other holster makers take notice). The design met my requirements of a thumb-snap keeper between the cocked hammer and the slide, tight fit to the body contour, and fit as already discussed. I wear a BDU jacket over everything for concealability, so the exterior dimensions are not an issue for me. I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone else. -The magazine pouch: 64 TL2: I wanted to try the slanted magazine pouch, because I figured it would be less likely to cause the sharp floorplates of the Colt magazines to stab me while sitting or driving. The magazine retention design of the pouch is outstanding. The spring clips holding the magazines are the best open pouch carry option available. The slant however required a change in my magazine positioning on the belt. Ordinarily I wear a vertical pouch just left of the belt buckle. Overall I am very satisfied with my purchase have no doubt I will still be wearing this gear many years from now. Thank you David B. Libertytown, MD
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Reviewed by:  from Libertytown, MD. - 6/8/2017
Rating sig p220 holster
Perfect fit no break in needed I give it a 10
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Reviewed by:  from Tennessee. - 12/27/2017
Rating G1
I just wanted to thank for my new holster. I am glad that I listened to the police officer who recommended you. My Glock 19 has an rmr, laser and light, plus I'm left handed. It was impossible to find an off the shelf holster. You measured the gun, did a sketch and went to work. The result is the greatest holster I have ever owned. It is an easy draw and is so comfortable I forget I have it on. I am proud to own one of the worlds best custom holsters. Thank you again and I look forward to buying other holsters from you. I'm thinking a shoulder holster next. Keep up the good work.
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Reviewed by:  from Oregon. - 1/27/2020
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